Graph Technology at your fingertips

Weaver makes working with graph-like data fast and simple, no coding required.

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Discover Weaver

From structuring to gaining insights to sharing your data. Weaver has got you covered whatever the usecase.

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Knowledge Graph

A git-like version controlled datahub for whatever you can imagine. For instance social data or asset data.

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Flow Based Integrations

Build flow networks to integrate data from various sources. Persist the data in Weaver or fetch in realtime.

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Publication environment

With Public Spaces you can easily share your data with the outside world and allow for collaboration.

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Fly through your data

Weaver presents your data as an interconnected network, much in the same way that we humans naturally perceive information.

  • Built on Git-like version control.
  • Machine Learning just 2 clicks away.
  • Editing made easy.
  • Import or integrate anything.

Git like Version Control

Weaver turns the most advanced open source relational database into a graph database.

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Graph Based Machine Learning

The Machine Learning engine uses Tensorflow under the hood.

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After thousands of engineering hours invested, we continue to improve Weaver from our users feedback.

We set out to design the most beautiful data experience ever made. We relentlessly refined every pixel and crafted every interaction to be fast, subtle and minimal.

Visually gorgeous and blazingly fast