Fly through your data.

The first rule of a brilliant data platform is to be user friendly. Weaver presents your data as an interconnected network, much in the same way that we humans naturally perceive information.

Visually gorgeous, blazingly fast.

We set out to design the most beautiful data experience ever made. We relentlessly refined every pixel and crafted every interaction to be fast, subtle, and minimal.

Built on Git-like version control.

Version control is not just a feature of Weaver, it is the single most fundamental building block. Committing, branching, merging and diffs are all at your fingertips.

Machine Learning just 2 clicks away.

In just minutes you can train and apply supervised classification, regression and clustering learning models to your relations and attributes.

Editing made easy.

Simply select and drag to connect multiple elements and open tables for spreadsheet-like editing or configure your own custom forms.

Import or integrate anything.

In addition to supporting the standard XML, JSON, CSV, Excel, Turtle, and TriG formats we can easily handle custom data files or integrations as well.

Powered by Postgres.

Weaver turns the most advanced open source relational database into a graph database. You get the absolute best of both worlds including SQL, SPARQL, and GraphQL support.