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Weaver wants to make the power of Knowledge Graphs accessible for everyone, regardless of programming skills and at low costs.



Sysunite was founded with the inception of a graph technology based collaboration platform developed by Bastiaan Bijl MSc and Mo Alamili MSc. The platform was based on Bijl's master's thesis at the Technical Univerisity of Delft. It had a usecase in the Shipbuilding Industry and later that year, the platform was utilized commercially as an engineering database for the Coentunnel (Tunnel) in Amsterdam. Thus, the company Sysunite was founded.


Sysunite starts to develop its Weaver Platform for data integration based on Graph Technology. The Weaver Platform formed the basis for a Configuration Management Data Base with which the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) and Civil Engineering Contractors could exchange, validate and manage data from a large variety of applications in one coherent data model for their large infrastructure projects, such as bridges, highways and tunnels.


The Weaver Platform is capable of much more then used for until then. Sysunite changes its focus and starts to further develop the Weaver Platform to a much broader useable Knowledge Graph platform, that can add more value to businesses in a wider variety of markets. It puts focus on making Graph Technology available for everyone, without the need for high cost investments to convert traditional relational databases into graph databases or the need for clients to make changes in their business applications. But above all without the need for programming skills to import, analyze and export data. Weaver connects all data, regardless of form or scheme, into a powerful Knowledge Graph. Making it possible for all projects, companies and non-profit organizations to gain more value out of incoherent data.


With the Weaver Platform being its sole and full-on SaaS product and gaining traction with new clients in the construction market, healthcare and public domain, Sysunite changes its name to Weaver, aligning product- and company name for better focused branding.


Weaver keeps growing and is establishing separate business lines in order to better serve their clients in different markets. Weaver is generic and can be used for an immense amount of different use cases, each adding value for the client. At the same time we think we should remain focused and truly understand our clients’ business. With dedicated business lines Weaver speaks your language. Please reach out to our team to discuss your business needs.

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